Saturday, 30 July 2016

On The GO Again...

Good Evening Internet Friends!

As you know it was back to work this week for me on Wednesday after getting home from vacation on Tuesday evening.  Not sure why I did not take the rest of the week off after all it was hubby who had to fly back to camp to work....not me.

In typical Kathy fashion I have managed to over plan this weekend.  There is yard work to do, laundry to catch up, house work to be done, garden vegetables to be preserved and trips to the hospital to visit my friend who has had to return there. 

Although sometimes I have to choose between sleep and a blog post I am always up to something!!!

Late last night after getting back from the hospital I decided to make bread dough so that kiddo and I could have cinnamon/toffee bread this morning for brunch:

After that it was off to the St. Albert Farmer's Market and library.  Then on to Costco for groceries and home for dinner.

For dinner I made a garden salad with veggies from my garden and from the Farmer's Market today along with chopped up chicken that I cooked in the slow cooker on Thursday.  We enjoyed our salad with a toasted green onion cake that we picked up at Farmer's Market today:

After dinner we made a quick trip over to the hospital to visit my friend.

Arriving home I decided to treat myself to some time in my craft room.  I was able to finish my second Row by Row:

Now, it's off to sleep as I have TONS planned for tomorrow.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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