Sunday, 4 March 2012

Cool Pocket Protectors????

When did pocket protectors become cool???  I still do not think they're cool, however, apparently since cutting edge phones that everyone MUST have require plastic protectors to work (why not fix the defect???) everyone walks around with pocket protectors for their gadgets.
My husband recently bought me a new phone as apparently my old flat flip phone is not that cool any more (only 7 years old), and although he remembered not to take off the plastic piece off the face plate, he did get me a plastic cover.   WHAT!!!!!!
So, I did it old school the Kathy way.  I decided to learn to crochet recently (another rant for another day), and this is one of the patterns from the learn to crochet class that I recently took at Michaels (there were no other learn to crochet classes in the city of Edmonton - trust me I looked).  Now, I am currently working on a scarf, because I have plenty of yarn left over from this project.
The instructor for the class is Anna and she was VERY patient with me, as crochet is nothing like knitting I found out.  Check out her blog at Get Crafting.
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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