Thursday, 8 March 2012

Minkee Blankie

I LOVE Minkee.  I hate sewing with it, but the end result is always phenomenal!
I made this blankie about a year ago for my son.  We had gone in to Earthly Goods and my son always loves to touch and cuddle with all of the fabric before going to the play area.  On this particular day when we walked in one of the staff members told him to come with her as she had something to show him.  I found him a few minutes later snuggled up in a big pile of Minkee bolts with a BIG smile.
These are the colors that he picked out.
These blankets are relatively easy to sew other than that the spray adhesive makes my unable to breath so I have to use a respirator (not comfortable even though the package says so), and the small bits of the minkee that shed off also get up my nose, so I have to wear the mask from start to finish, then ask someone to vacuum the craft room.
The backing and batting are laid out, then the middle strip is place on and sewn on top close to both edges.  The next strip is placed (right sides together) on top of the middle strip, and sewn at 1/2" edge along the entire length.  Once sewn down the wrong side of the strip is sprayed with adhesive and pressed down to the batting. The next strip is then place on and sewn 1/2" seam allowance along the edge again.  Continue until you reach the end of one side of the batting.  Return to center and work out to other edge.
These quilts usually take me the better part of a Sunday (1100 - 1600ish) to complete, but are so cuddly and worth it.
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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