Thursday, 1 March 2012

Happy Birthday Mai

I made this quick cake for my co-worker Mai for her birthday.  
The cake is a french vanilla cake mix (I did not have time to bake a real cake) as she requested.
Every couple of months (or sooner if I run out) I make a big batch of butter cream icing that I keep in the refrigerator in case of icing emergencies.  I take out the portion I need about a half hour early from the refrigerator and re-mix it once warmed up and work with it to color and get the right consistency, firm for the roses, medium for the flowers, and thin for the flower centers and the leaves.  
I made a whole bunch of random flowers while the cake was baking and once cool and the top was frosted my son enjoyed putting random flowers on the cake top.  I had to stop him or there likely would have been no room for leaves!!!
For a cake mix it was turned out alright.  I might do this again!!
Happy Birthday Mai.
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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