Tuesday, 27 March 2012

First "Real" Quilt

About three years ago when my son was about to turn five, we realized it was time once again to convert his bed (it started as a crib, then to a toddler bed, and at age five into a double bed).  At that time I told him that his birthday present for that year would be a complete new bedding set from one of the children's linen shops in Edmonton, and that he could choose whatever he wanted for his brand new "Big Boy" bed.
Well, he got quite upset about that wondering why I was not going to make the blankets for this bed as since birth he had always had knitted, cross stitched or sewn by mom blankets.  
I explained that at that time I did not know how to quilt.
His reply: "Well, maybe you should learn"!
A bit of time went by and one day leaving Safeway he pointed out to me that near Safeway was a quilt store with learn to quilt classes.  We went in to Sew Divine and I signed up for the class. 
The class was for a sampler quilt with one of each of the different blocks, but Pat was willing to help me with expanding this project to make a "Big Boy" bed quilt.
This is the quilt that I made.  My son chose the ocean fabric, and the ladies at My Sewing Room helped me pick coordinating fabrics for it.  
The quilt is backed with a soft blue flannel, machine quilted by me, and every wash day when I put it back on the bed (it is a permanent fixture there - other quilts may be over top, but this one is always on) it makes me very proud of what I did, and what I have since accomplished in the past three years.
Hope this inspires your own creativity...