Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Knitting in the New Year

I am often asked how I have the time to craft along with working almost full time, taking my child to art, violin, piano, swimming, skiing, and horse riding each week, and making sure that there is a homemade, food group balanced warm dinner on the table every night. 
Well, one of my secrets is that I really do not sleep much at night.  I am one of those people who vary seldom gets more than about 5 hours of sleep, but  I think that they must be quality sleep because I am able to function quite well on this.
Now, New Years was not an exception to my being able to craft all night, not because it was planned that way, but because I managed to somehow destroy/break/generally make unsuable my insulin pump!!!! 
A frantic call to Medtronic late in the evening, and a new pump was dispatched out to me, however its ETA was almost 11 hours later.  That meant that without an insulin pump, I had to check my blood glucose every 1 - 2 hours all night long to give myself injections of insulin with a syringe (OMG - it was like being a kid again). 
The benefit of this I guess. is that while I waited for my new purple insulin pump to arrive I knitted socks all night long, and was able to finish this pair.
Once the pump arrived and I put the new one on, I along with these socks slept most of New Years Day.
Happy New Year Everyone!
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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