Monday, 2 December 2013

It REALLY Looks like Christmas Now!

Yes, it truly looks like Christmas outside today.  Here in Alberta we are getting to experience a winter blizzard!  Lots of snow, whiteout conditions, and the temperature is just supposed to keep dropping!
I shoveled the walk when I got home, just so there would not be as much to have to move tomorrow as there is seriously close to 24" of snow in my front yard (I live in the city, so no drifts, just straight snow).
It is very pretty:
Yes, the streaks in the picture are the snow coming down!!
My craft for today is some more cards that I made for sending out in the Christmas card swap I participated in this year.
The cards were actually part of a monthly craft subscription that Stampin Up offers called Paper Pumpkin.  To be honest, the first couple of subscriptions I got were nice, the kits were quick and easy to complete and something that you could take pride in.  Fast forward a few months and month after the month the kits get worse.  Last month's was so tacky that I went to cancel my subscription but the new one was already on it's way.
Here is a card from the kit that has redeemed itself for now:
I will see what this month brings, and if no improvement, I will be done this little adventure!
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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