Sunday, 29 December 2013

Snow Day = Sew Day

Oh, the weather outside is terrible!!! I think it has been snowing non stop for a week, well, maybe three days..., but it got really cold after being nice, and now the snow is blowing and falling everywhere and it is just AWFUL outside.  
Thank goodness there is still no school this week and I am still on vacation : )
Since the weather was awful, and I am under the influence of Benadryl (the "mystery" spice  I am allergic to showed up in my food somewhere in the past couple of days, I think it was in the pizza we ordered for a break from turkey, but now I have hives everywhere), my day started somewhere around noonish, and so far for today I have accomplished:
 Today I completed the last 42 of these little (3 1/2" square) blocks for my PQM Cracked Pots Mystery Quilt!  There is a 112 of these little blocks in this pile.  I was running out of my light coloring very early on into this project, so as you can see, I had to start supplementing from my "stash" (fabric - not cookie).
Now, off to tackle some of those "other" projects on the go!
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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  1. Way to go Kathy!!!!! I have yet to start and am not sure I will....until I see all the finished beauties!!!! We haven't got the snow here but it did turn cold. A weird winter!!!! Keep on sewing and baking!!!!!!!