Monday, 2 February 2015

Cross Stitch Collection Stitch Along

Good Early Morning Internet Friends!  

It is just after midnight here in Western Canada, and I am going to bed soon, have to work tomorrow.....but I am also participating in the Cross Stitch Collection Stitch Along with a +8 hour time difference.  If I post now, then all of my new Internet Friends across the pond won't miss anything.  ☺

Okay, not that it's that spectacular, but the fact that I have managed to do as much as I have on this Stitch Along is pretty amazing even for me!

I started this project on January 01, 2014, then realized a couple of days later I had counted wrong (don't cross stitch late at night), and had to take all the stitches out and re-start.  As of check in date here is what I have completed:
Not sure how "far behind" I am, but will keep at this.  Might take me longer than a year to do...., but I'm having fun doing it! ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...



  1. It's looking good. I think several of us will take longer than a year to complete the SAL. :)

  2. Thanks Sharon. I am hoping to devote a little more time to the project this month, but......

  3. Looks good. I would never have known you had to take it out and restart. I'm not doing the Garden Party chart because I have other things to do, but I think it is a beautiful design.