Monday, 16 February 2015

Made It.....

Good Evening Internet Friends!  

Have been so busy playing tourist the past three days have not had time to blog post!

Today we finally got to just relax and do the one other thing I wanted to on this whirlwind vacation.......go to the beach!!!!  I LOVE the Pacific Ocean.   Not sure why, but I always feel so happy and peaceful when I see it.  

 Long beach. 

A pretty tree that had some kind of pretty parrot birds in it but by the time I got this photo I think that they had moved on.

Tomorrow we head back to the Frozen He!! as my husband calls it.  I have text messages and Facebook notifications that there was snow while we're gone!!!!!!!  Yuck.

On a crafty note though,  I did manage to locate the elusive canvas letter "E" that I have been looking for.  I bought 3 of the 4 letters needed for my son's name at the "M" big box craft store I usually avoid a couple of months ago.  I hoped I could find the "E" at another store but alas after going to every store in the Edmonton area as a phone call could not get a store clerk to go look for it, I came up empty handed.   Was about to return all the stuff for the project when hubby suggested I look down here first.  Today I found:
Now to get home and get working on this project!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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