Saturday, 28 February 2015

Hello Out There.....

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Had a super and productive day today.  After lunch my son and I headed out for groceries, but before we went grocery shopping we stopped for candy (yes, ironically I LOVE a good candy) at Be-a-Bella.  It is this really cute little shop that we drive by every day and the big jars of candy from the street look so lovely!  We got several small bags of various wonderful candies and yes there are still some left, and no my insulin pump did not run dry.

After grocery shopping and making dinner and getting a few loads of laundry done I decided to wind my latest skein of yarn:
As you may remember, earlier this year I knitted a pair of socks for my brother in Edmonton Oiler inspired yarn.  These socks have apparently been the hit of the Oil Patch this winter and my brother reports he holds on to them tightly as he is afraid that they will go "missing".  

Meanwhile, my husband wanted to know where his socks were.  Hmmmmmm.  Well, at that time there was no other colorway, but recently other colors arrived including Vancouver Canucks yarn.  

Tonight seemed to be the perfect time to wind this skein while I watched Hockey Night in Canada and as usual the Oiler's lost !
Ready to be knit into socks!

Of course you can't watch hockey without singing The Hockey Song ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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