Monday, 23 February 2015

What a Headache....

No, not just figuratively, literally!

Woke up this morning not feeling great, something was amiss, but not sure what.  

Nibbled on crackers and sipped Ginger-ale most of the morning, but still could not shake the nausea.  Hmmmmm, stomach bug maybe, lots of those going around, but I hardly ever get one of these. 

 By noon I knew what was wrong.  MIGRAINE!!!  Had to leave work and thankfully I live only about 5 minutes away.  By the time I got home every symptom was present (one of my frustrations in the ER is when people come in complaining of a migraine and can talk full sentences and drive themselves there, it's probably just a bad headache).  Spent the rest of the afternoon in bed with the pail, no lights, it's amazing how noisy the house is, and pain medications til I finally fell asleep. 

Woke up well after dinner.  Thankfully hubby was home to pick up child and get dinner ready.  I still could not eat, but had a piece of toast with some more Ginger-ale.

For today's craft (I completed this late yesterday) I have block 4 of my Churn Dash Block Challenge organized by A Needle Pulling Thread
Block 4.
All four together.  I am actually supposed to have 8 of these completed so far for the challenge, but clearly that is not going to happen tonight!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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