Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Best Day Ever Tuesday!

Good Late Evening Internet Friends!

Today my son and I attended K-Days.  This is annual summer fair in the city of Edmonton.  This is the second year I believe of which the fair has gone back to it's original name, but for children like my son who only ever knew it as Capital Ex the name change is confusing for him, as it was for most of us when they changed it in the first place.

Through work I was able to purchase advance all day ride passes as my son loves the rides.  This is the first year of course that hubby has been away and not able to take him which meant I who HATE rides got to go with him.  I managed to do 5 rides including the Ferris Wheel:

Earlier today before my son got up I went down to my newly cleaned (almost) craft room and worked on my Row by Row block from Johnson's Sewing Center:

It was "sew" fun to sew this and the blocks all worked out wonderfully.  It was very peaceful to work on and it really did seem like water.

Now off to finish the binding on the quilt for the wedding on Friday ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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