Friday, 31 July 2015

Day Four.....

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Today is Day 4 of my crazy 11 day work week!  Now, I know this sounds ridiculous, and although I feel quite overwhelmed by the thought that I still have 7 days to go (and three are evening shifts) I did agree to this craziness due to a little thing called OVERTIME ☺

After dinner I had a nap and then I spent some time in my craft room doing some quilting.  Lately I have been doing a lot of de-cluttering of my craft room.  I got rid of a bunch of scrap book supplies that I no longer needed or wanted in Operation Stamp Find a New Home.  I also cleaned out some of my fabric stash in the Fabric Relocation Project.  These  tasks not only physically cleaned out space, but also gave me the freedom to feel comfortable with my decision to withdraw membership from one of the Quilting Groups I belong to.  I struggled with being part of this group as the patterns always frustrated me with their mistakes, not knowing what the quilts would like, and I always ended up being stressed about these quilts and never was really proud of how they turned out with the exception of the one I made for Brandy's wedding.  That one turned out because I only used 4 fabrics.  ☺

As you know I went to visit my neighbor (who I met through this group - one good thing) and found out that she had been bullied by members of this group over her quilting (seriously) {plus I've seen it - there is nothing wrong with it}.  Since I am always the champion of the needy my decision was finalized.  Tonight I printed out the patterns from my membership and have closed this chapter.  By doing so I am now free to quilt on my own schedule, what I want and what makes me happy. ♫

That was the case tonight.  I am making blocks with my default pattern; Hopscotch.  I love this pattern because it makes wonderful use of Fat Quarters, makes up quickly with wonderful results, hardly any waste of fabric and the bonus part is the authors are from Saskatchewan.  This evening I made 18 of these blocks:
It was fun to just cut fabric and sew with no deadline to keep up to.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...



  1. Good for you Kathy! Sounds like it was a good decision and lifted a weight off your shoulders ! Crafting should never be stressful.

  2. I should NEVER be stressful (unless it's self inflicted! LOL). But bullying????? Really????? Glad I stopped a long time ago following that I'm sure I know which one you are talking about!
    Purging is so rewarding isn't it? I have to start posting my own leftovers from my sales soon.