Saturday, 25 July 2015

Long Gone to Saskatchewan

Good Morning Internet Friends.

Thursday morning bright and early we embarked on our road trip to Elk Ridge for my friends wedding.  

When we got to the farm to pick up the trailer we found found mud and lots of it!!!!!  Several hours later we were on the road thanks to low 4x4.   As we were leaving the farm it started to rain again, and heavy and did so for the next 8 hours straight!!!

We finally pulled into Prince Albert at 0228 hours.  We parked the trailer at the W@/#@^! and called it a night.

Friday morning we were up bright and early to get to the campground, drop off the 5th wheel and get dressed for the wedding.  Upon arrival we found the access roads blocked by fallen trees from the storm so poor hubby had to get the axe out to clear a path for the truck!

The wedding was beautiful and I am so happy that we made the effort to come!

Of course if you follow my blog you will know I was making a quilt for the wedding gift.  Here is the quilt all finished and sunning itself:

The card I made in the 5th wheel while we were getting ready:

This morning my son and I biked through the park for 25 km.

Hope this inspires your own creativity. ...