Friday, 7 August 2015

Paper and Pencil....

Good Evening Internet Friends!

I do use technology and somehow I get by, although there are days when neither my son or husband can figure out how I manage to do the things I do and or just not understand how to use technology.  Even at work staff always joke about my using paper and pencil for math if I can no longer visualize the sequence in my head.  I hardly ever use a calculator.  

If you have been following my blog you will know that I decided to participate in the a Block of the Month program that last week the center block got changed.  Now,  I have quit making the quilts by this designer due to the numerous mistakes that frustrate me.  I figured that if the participants knew what the quilt looked like going into the quilt there should be no room for error because you could always look at the picture and fix the error now rather than finding out when you are almost done and out of fabric and find out OOOOOppps, you need to go make some more blocks. / : {

Well, the center block got changed and on first glance it looks like something that the grandparents "backpacked" Europe from 1941 - 1945 to stop.  No instructions were provided on how to make the original block just excuses that the block would be too hard, but if you wanted you could make another pinwheel block and put a border around it......hmmmmmm. NO.  

"Sew" this evening I got out my paper and pencil and figured out how to make a 7.5" unfinished Ohio Star Quilt Block which is what the center block originally was:
This is my "test" block and it does measure properly.  Not sure if I will do a real one or just keep my test block and carry on with the rest of the quilt.

Here are my measurements for this 7.5" unfinished Ohio Star Quilt Block:

4 corner blocks cut at 2 13/16"

1 Center Block cut at 2 13/16"

Star points:

1 (white) Block cut at 3 9/16" and cut on the diagonal twice to yield 4 triangles

1 (orange) Block cut at 3 9/16" and cut on the diagonal twice to yield 4 triangles

2 (blue) Blocks cut at 3 9/16" and cut on the diagonal twice to yield 8 triangles


Now off to finish canning borscht.  ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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