Thursday, 6 August 2015

Too Tired to Sleep

Good Late Evening Internet Friends!

I have finally reached the end of my very long work week.  It has turned out to be a 10 day stretch rather than the 11 because I think someone upstairs (literally, the second floor) felt sorry for me and re-arranged my schedule to have tomorrow off ☺ ☺ ☺

I was feeling tired at lunch so took myself for a walk in the park across the street.  I am really hoping that someone can explain this to me; it is August 06 and look what I stumbled across in the park:

Taking my son to camp this morning I was almost certain I saw a yellow hue to the trees but decided it must be the diabetes acting up in my eyes (that's my excuse for everything) that was turning the trees yellowish.  Apparently NOT!!!!  There were even dead leaves on the ground!  Seriously, it's not even my birthday yet.  Better go see if the cat is growing his winter coat...

This evening I came home from work and this is where I believe the too tired to sleep has kicked in.  I made dinner, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, washed, dried and folded two loads of clothes, dusted and almond oiled the wood blinds in the living room and dining room, vacuumed the entire 976 sq feet of the main floor of the house, then decided the floor did not shine so orange oil washed the 900 square feet of hard wood including the stairs in the back entrance.  Then I washed the tile and took out the toothbrush and washed the grout between the tile.  Since that still was not clean enough I even moved the stove and refrigerator and vacuumed and washed under them too!

Still not feeling tired I went to the craft room and completed my June 2015 Paper Pumpkin Kit:
This just might be the first time I have actually completed an entire kit and done it within a reasonable time frame!  ☺ ☺ ☺ True to Kathy fashion though I did not actually watch the video or read the instructions so by card 4 I was running low on pieces so the last card is filled with the pretend wood banners!

Now I think I shall go try and knit myself to sleep...

Hope this inspires your own creativity...



  1. Wowers!!!!! I wish I could be too tired to sleep!!!!!! You may never be allowed in my house! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! Toothbrush grout cleaning? πŸ˜†. I say good for nice to wake up to a sparkling clean main floor!

    1. PS: lots of yellow leaves down here too! 😁

  2. Hehehehehe. Not sure what got into me that evening but wowsers, the house is clean! ☺Oy to the yellow leaves, I was just getting used to summer...what a bummer.