Saturday, 8 August 2015

Saturday Fun!

Good Evening Internet Friends!

This morning after 4 hours of sleep because I stayed up to work on a quilting project until almost 0200 hours my son and I got up and went to a Kids Building workshop at the Home Depot.  My son had a blast!  He made a chalk board frame and got to hammer and glue, and screw and stick stickers and voila:
This was such a cool idea that we signed him up for next month.  He got an apron with his name on it, the tools are supplied, and on completion he got a pin for his apron, and a certificate of achievement!  Growing up my dad used to work as a Finish Carpenter and so my brother and I always had lots of small pieces of wood left overs to hammer and saw and nail.  Sometimes he would even help us with these disasters to "tidy" them up.  We always thought it was great fun.  Seeing my son today I realized I have been re-miss on this for him.

While at the Home Depot I found an awesome shelf for my craft room that was on sale so we lugged that home with us.  We assembled that after a nap (cause I was up til 0200 and I think my son is going through some pre-teen thing, tired and grumpy).

After dinner I started making pickles.  I should have started on this earlier in the season, but with work and such this is my first opportunity, so as of now I have 12 jars of dill pickles done and am starting on the bean pickles.

Here is the project that I worked on until 0200 hours this morning:
"Sew" this is the center block.  I might try to finish this quilt now, but of course no thanks to the designer of this Block of the Month who decided to change the center on me and I had to figure out the center configuration for myself.  Still mad about that  / : {

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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