Thursday, 6 October 2016

Comfort Things....

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Today I am very proud of a project that I completed in the wee hours of this morning (yes I worked today).

I started on this shawl about a year ago.  I remember knitting on this at my Grammy's bedside after she had been airlifted from Foothills, home.  My son, his puppy and the Shih tzu loaded into the Focus and headed off to Saskatchewan to be with her.  My brother was eight hours behind us.

Today I finished this shawl and looking at it I am very proud of my accomplishment.  First, I have never ever knitted a shawl like this ever before!  Second, I followed a pattern.  This was the very first shipment of Yarn Crush and I chose to make what was in the shipment.  Thirdly, this project has been a great source of comfort for me this year as I have dealt with several adversities this year three of which occurred at the same time.

Throughout these adversities this shawl due to the complexity of the pattern served to be a focus for me....if I did not focus on the pattern I had to go back and fix the mistakes.  A year later the shawl is done, and I am for the most part feeling and coping better, health wise still is tough some days but I get through it.

This is my Oroya Shawl:

As of right now it is still not blocked;that is a tomorrow project.

A close up of the pattern.

On the thought of things that bring me comfort home baked bread is one of those things as well.  We rarely have store bought bread in our home because I love the comfort that home baked bread brings.  Both of the dogs also love home baked bread and as soon as I turn on the oven they will both come and stare at the oven door waiting for the first cut of the crust!

This weekend I pulled out the Kitchen Mill and ground up some of the last grain that I have from the farm to make:

Whole grain bread.  This is most definitely my go to comfort food!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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