Friday, 21 October 2016

Ready For the Snow! NOT!!!!!!

Good Evening Internet Friends!

This evening I finished my pair of Winkelmittz mittens!  The fantastic news to this is that the pattern is now correct as well thanks to yours truly for finding it!  

I have been working on these mittens since early last spring, but no matter what I did something was not right.  Finally I sent a message to the designer and she agreed that there was a typo.  Once that was fixed these mittens came together perfectly and easily.

This is now hands down (pun intended) my favorite Thrum Mitten pattern:

These are so super cozy and warm I want the snow to come back just so I can try them out!  Who am I kidding?????  I still hate winter, but at least I have new warm woolly mittens for the upcoming 17 months of winter (not really.....a bad Western Canada joke).  

Now it's off to start some of the many other knitting projects I have in the house.

I am still trying to recover from night shifts last weekend.  Had my turn around days but somehow did not get turned around to day shift before starting back for three day shifts this week.  I really think Monday disguised itself as Wednesday this week on top of that☺

Hoping that this weekend I can get my days and nights sorted out as well as my 200 lbs of tomatoes.....

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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