Sunday, 23 October 2016

Here Comes Monday.....

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Monday arrives tomorrow and I am only sort of prepared for it.  As of this moment, I still have about 50 lbs of tomatoes to do something with.

Thanks to one of the ladies on a quilting page I belong to asking about an Ebelskivor Pan I decided that since I had made all that fresh jam last night that is what was going to be breakfast this morning:

I purchased this pan at Williams-Sonoma when they first opened in Calgary close to 10 years ago.  Of late my son has been more enthralled with the Waffle Maker on Sunday morning, but these are always fun to make and eat:

After breakfast I cut up tomatoes and got started on tomato sauce:

While that was simmering and processing I set about cleaning up some yarn and cross stitch projects that I have in various states of start (notice I did not say finish).

This afternoon we took a walk in the River Valley.  It was pretty but I think I will be regretting this decision as the night goes on because my lungs are very tight at present.  Will be sleeping with my puffer beside the bed I think tonight....

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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