Saturday, 1 October 2016

On the Road Again.....

Good Late Evening Internet Friends!

I was up by 0730 this morning to get my son out to his Boy Scouts event.  Originally this was supposed to be a Friday to Sunday camp out in the bush however, due to the weather (rain and cold) it was cancelled.  The group my son is part of though was gifted a piece of rural bush land with some out buildings on the property and as such it was decided that they would do a overnight camp out there as at least there are structures and wood burning stoves.

So we packed him up and headed off.  It was a very pretty drive but the rain was heavy.

Upon arrival and mudding in with the Go Go Go Toyota parents were informed that the trip was only going to be a day trip due to weather.

Since I did not want to drive home an hour and then come back an hour I decided that I would go for a drive and check out some of the small towns and quilt shops.  In total today I made 190 miles (306 kilometers).  

The drive was beautiful:

I stopped at a couple of quilt shops and picked up WAY too many items one of which was:

It's Matryoshka Doll fabric by Elizabeth's Studio.  It made me happy cause it made me think of my Grammy.  I got some to make her a mug rug, but now am thinking it would make a really nice place mat for her Broda Chair.

On the way home kiddo and I opted to drive the newly opened section of the Anthony Henday Drive that had been open for an hour and a half:

No pot holes or accidents, but there were already the usual Edmonton drivers out cutting motorists off, speeding and tailgating.  Just another day here I guess.  ☺

This evening after dinner I made of the blocks for my Scandi 3 quilt:

Now I should probably get ready for bed as tomorrow is a day of housework, and get ready for the work and school week.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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