Friday, 7 October 2016

It's Snowing......

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Yes, the title of today's post is actually true!  Snow was forecast all day but it seemed warm enough that I hoped it would pass.  The six o'clock news showed me however that the snow was a 20 minute drive away.  So, out the entire family went!  We live on a corner lot in a historic neighborhood so lots of big old trees full of leaves.  An hour and a half later and a dozen lawn bags and the lawn was clean! 

As I was tying the last of the lawn bags it started to snow. 

This picture was taken at 1930 MST hours and by now the entire lawn is white......

Today while running errands including a Costco run for peppers, mushrooms, fresh mozarrella and lettuce I stumped upon a 44 pound bag of Parrish & Heimbecker wheat flour!  Most of the time I will use my Kitchen Mill with grain from the farm and make my own whole wheat flour but right now I am running low on farm grain and this was such a deal I could not leave it behind!   Upon arrival at Costco there were no carts in the store but we were only there for a few things.  The line ups were long so when I found this bag of flour I got my son to take the vegetables and go secure us a place in line.  As I was trying to lift the bag up onto my shoulder one of the staff came by and asked if I needed help.  Of course I did!  This chap picked up the flour, carried it to the check out, waited in line with us and then even carried it our to the car for me!!!  This is why although I have not set foot in a Wmart or M arts and crafts in years due to their lack of customer service and inferior products I will still shop at Costco;the ultimate big box store.

Arriving home I used the flour to make whole wheat pizza dough:

It turned out delicious especially after being out in the cold.

Now I think I shall snuggle up in one of my quilts and do a bit of knitting!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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