Saturday, 26 August 2017

Kindness Knit Along

Good Evening Internet Friends!

One of the core values of my life is that of kindness.  Every day I practice this in my personal life as well as my professional life as no one truly knows the story of another unless they listen, and even then the full extent of being is still not known.

As you know I love to knit socks and I love sock yarn.  My goal for this year marking Canada's 150th+ Birthday is to knit with Canadian yarns and use Canadian patterns.  A project I am referring to as Knit Canadian with Canadian.  There are so many talented knit wear designers in this country and this is my chance to explore their talent.

One of the designers I often knit is Dana Gervais of #SockStar.  Currently she has a Sock Knit Along going on called Throw Kindness Around Like It's Confetti.  I absolutely love the title (and her designs) so I had to participate in this Knit Along.

I chose a full skein and a mini skein of Amethyst and Light Through the Leaves.  I wanted the feel of Grape Jelly for these socks for some reason.

Here is the first sock almost finished (my new favourite heel is on this sock):


Now to see if I can get both socks done before the completion of this Knit Along. 🐑

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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