Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The South Paw Maverick...

Good Morning Internet Friends!

Seriously, it is morning and I am still up and probably will be for a few hours yet.  
A little known fact about me is that contrary to common belief I actually am in my right mind.  I grew up with two south paw influences both of whom were perfectionists. I do scribe with my right hand as I had difficulty committing to a hand as a child and it was decided that the right hand would write cleaner.  

I blame my inability to follow directions on this state of right mind.  I am not known for doing what I am told ☺ and that includes my craft projects.  I have a LOT of difficulty following the steps in the order the author has put them out.  A lot of times I sew items after I have assessed how they came to be and then do my own thing.  Same for knitting, I will look at the visual pattern, determine what I NEED to know to create and carry on.  On top of that I also like to be unique ☺ 

"Sew" last evening while making my most current one for a Knit Along I will be participating in later this week I decided to make it more "Kathy":

I added a sheep button on a leather pull string to make it my own. Plus, the sheep buttons make me happy. ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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