Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Rockin' Socks!

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Not a lot of crafting done as I was a little occupied with all my Birthday FUN!

Calls and messages from the family early this morning.

My iBFF stopped by with balloons (I LOVE balloons - they make me happy and the large one sings):

This afternoon my son and I went out to try a new pottery painting place.  We did not like the items they had so came home.

I was about to make dinner when my iBFF invited me out for dinner as the family and of course I took that up ☺

Made some of my new tea that came in my monthly knitting box.  It is amazingly yummy and now I am all sleepy feeling.

I did knit a few more rows on my socks:

I am loving how these are turning out.  I am not a fan of wrap and turn heels but the Knit Along I will be starting soon uses this increase and decrease heel type and it is so easy to work and gives me the results that I want!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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