Saturday, 21 September 2013

Another Block of the Month...

Back in July it seemed like a really good idea to participate in another block of the month that Woodland Quilting was offering.  I LOVE this store.  It is full of wonderful quilts and ideas and I now see they have a pretty website up and running.  Check it out!
The block of the month is for the Plum Pudding quilt on their kit page now.  So far this week, I have managed to complete month 1:
Now, off to finish that sock that I started again, earlier this week (secretly, I still think it has a plan to put me in the mental hospital, [although that might not be a bad idea there is a really good quilt shop in Ponoka] as does my second Plenty of Fish Facebook Mystery Quilt).  Both of these projects have ganged up on me and are taunting me!  Seriously!  I really hope I can prevail over both of them this weekend.  I may not get laundry or baking done this weekend, but both of these projects I will PREVAIL upon.  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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