Thursday, 5 September 2013

Raspberry Jam

One of the things that my son and I also did this past weekend was go to Horse Hill Berry Farm.  It was their last weekend of picking.  We were able to get a full pail, although it did take almost 2 hours, but it was the end of August, so....
 Anyways, we ate raspberries in our morning breakfast cereal, and then made:
Raspberry Pear Jam!  Altogether we made 6 of these jars.
The pears were on a really good deal at Costco, so we got them, and used some in the jam.
I recently purchased these Weck canning jars at Duchess Provisions here in Edmonton.  
These jars are a little more pricey than regular canning jars, but I am totally in love with these jars and the way that they work and that they are only made of glass!!!  I will be getting more of these.
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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