Sunday, 22 September 2013

One Sock Done!

Well, so far this weekend has proved fruitful in finishing those projects that just don't want to get finished!
I have managed to get one of the April Sock of the Month from Biscotte & Cie.  I was able to finish it yesterday while my son was at art class.
Here it is:
I am actually thinking that I might send these socks on to my grandma.  I don't think she has had hand knit wool socks since she was a child, and because of the number of stitches in the leg required to make the rainbow pattern the socks are rather big on my leg.  I think that for someone with CHF and swollen legs that these socks would be at least somewhat loose on her legs, and I am certain that she will like the pretty colors on them, and not call them the politically incorrect names everyone else who has seen them does....
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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