Monday, 23 September 2013

Oh S"crap"! It's Monday...

This weekend I resolved to finish a couple of projects I had started, but due to these projects "ganging" up on me and trying to frustrate me to the point of a mental hospital admission had managed to stay in-complete and continue to frustrate me!
Well, one sock is complete the other is started and darn it, the pair will be finished by the end of this week, put in a box and posted to Saskatchewan to grandma.
As for the quilt, I finally decided to just do it!
The problem with this quilt was that I was doing fine with it, until at the last step I was instructed to make 6 more of the most awful, tedious blocks as the quilt pattern had modified from the beginning!  WTF!
I had persevered in making the original number of these blocks.  Now what?  So, I sat on it for a while.  The whole point of this quilt was originally for me to use up my scraps.  Eventually I decided that I would just go buy a border fabric and call it quits.  Lots of other people had done that so why couldn't I just do that too?
However, my Saskatchewan Ukrainian cheap conscious kept reminding me that these blocks were already made and what was I going to do with them?????
Long story short, I have made not just an additional 6, but 10, to make the quilt work with the 2 14/16" border I am adding to it!
I WILL get this done!
Hope this inspires your own creativity...

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  1. LOL. Oh Kathy....I felt the same way when I got to that point! I have a feeling those blocks were after thoughts or plans changed at the end!! Anyway, I was lazy...still used the blocks but put a couple of rectangles of fabric in my top and bottom border and called it a day!!