Sunday, 2 December 2012

Snowmageddon, Santa, Snowmageddon, Grilled Cheese

What a weekend!  Every year we (and I mean usually me) take our son to Christmas In the Rockies, because unlike the imposter Santa's at the malls, the REAL Santa comes to this event as my son tells everyone.  Every year the trip is an event.
Here is a picture of Stoney Trail Northwest at 2300 hours on Friday evening:
The parade on Saturday evening was awesome, and I have attached a picture of the official Banff SUV, (okay not really, this is a joke for us Western Canadians, NOT to be taken literally):
It is the Brewster Icefield Bus, and if you ever have the chance to go on it, you MUST.
Of course while in Canmore for the weekend we did some shopping at my favorite spots: Knit and Caboodle, Sugar Pine Quilt Company, Rocky Mountain Soap Company, and before we left this morning Le fournil Bakery, for a loaf of pain prairie.
Now for the journey home:
This is the Queen Elizabeth II Highway today at about 1400 hours at the Olds, Alberta, off ramp.  If you look closely you can see the sign as well as the car in front, of which there is a semi-tractor trailer in front of it (honest)!!!!
So after almost 7 hours of driving in my Go Go Go Toyota (should be a 4 hour trip at best), but with puking kid and road conditions it took much longer, I got home.
The craft of today is our dinner:
I used the pain prairie I had picked up earlier today, cheese, and the Strawberry Balsalmic Red Pepper Jelly, I got last weekend at Chartreuse Decor.  It was delicious!
Drive safe, and Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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