Friday, 18 July 2014

Child's Billfold; Summer Vacation Day 22!

My son is reaching the age where he wants to have some independence with his spending money, however, he is SUPER disorganized.  Really not sure where that comes from.  Yesterday morning I gave him money to purchase popcorn while at summer camp and watched him toss it into his backpack that is filled with everything (one sandal, half a pencil, a crust from a sandwich, an old comic, a spilled box of gum, crayon remnants, assorted sticks, stones, and some sticky goo).  I decided that I would sew him a little zippered pocket in which to keep his library card, gift cards, and extra change.  He thought that was a good idea.

A quick search on the internet gave me a bzillion ways to make one of these, but all seemed super complicated, so I cut 2, 5" pieces of the main fabric (put interfacing on these) and 2, 5" lining pieces and sewed it together with a zippered opening:
It was not until I had sewed it all together and opened it with ease that I realized something was different.  I had opened this packet with the utmost of ease. Since when does that happen?  Then I realized I had sewn the zipper in for a left handed person!!! ☺  Oh well, my son is like me, confused as to which hand to use, so it does not seem to bother him, and in fact he was thrilled with what was made for him!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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