Thursday, 10 July 2014

Step 6 B; Summer Vacation Day 14

I called today my day of "random".
I took my son out to The Dish Bistro for lunch.  Lunch was FABULOUS as usual, but we had to have the brownie dessert because the sticky toffee pudding was still being made : (, will have to go back another day...
Then we did some shopping along 124 Street (I love that street).  We stopped and got cookies at Cookie Love, cheese at Paddy's International Cheese Market, and finally stopped at Johnson's Sewing Center.
Stocked up on a "whack" load of fabrics, notions, and threads etc.  Was very pleased with my purchases. ☺ On the way out I stopped to examine the sewing machine sale, and saw the one I have sort of been looking at as an upgrade to my current machine on a SUPER sale.  Decided to think about it over night, and see how I feel tomorrow.
After dinner I did a bit of sewing on my Step 6 B for my Mi Vida Loca quilt since I have not quilted for the past two weeks, but alas could not concentrate much as thinking about new machine......
So, this is as much as I got done:
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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