Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Work In Progress Wednesday; Summer Vacation Day 20!

Good Evening Internet Friends!
Today I felt better and was awake for long enough between antihistamine doses to close the toe on the first of the socks I am making for my brother:
Here is one completed sock from the Hockey Night in Canada Edmonton Oiler's inspired yarn!  I am pretty pleased with it and so is he!  Even though the team is not what it once was when we were growing up in central Saskatchewan, there is still a sense of pride and nostalgia in these colors ☺  It was our closest hockey team!
Since it is Wednesday I decided it was about time to link up with The Needle and Thread Network.
Now, off to work on the other sock and try to quit singing The Oil's Back in Town.
Hope this inspires your own creativity...



  1. Really good looking sock. I love how the colours are swirling around the sock. I hope the second one is already well on the way!

  2. You're a good sister to be knitting socks in the middle of summer!