Friday, 23 March 2018


Good Evening Internet Friends!

Well, after a busy day of I am not sure exactly what other than "Oh, look, I should do that" and then getting distracted I decided to start on my Quilting Class for this weekend.

I have been wanting to make one of the many Collage Quilts by Laura Heine.  On my one of my cross border shopping trips I had the opportunity to stop at her shop and see some of these quilts and immediately wanted to make one.

Fast forward to this weekend when finally all things lined up so that I could attend the Collage Class at Purple Katz Quilting.

I have chosen to make Seawell The Turtle.  This evening I started to cut out the collage pieces but realized I have NO idea what I am doing, so I am going to stop here and wait for class. 


I think this is going to be "sew" much fun and there is a brilliant idea for this quilt in my head and a plan as to where this quilt will go that I cannot wait (but will have to) share with you.  

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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