Sunday, 25 March 2018

"Sew" Much Fun!

Good Evening Internet Friends!

It was Collage Class Day today at Purple Katz!!!  A road trip was involved "sew" that made me happy as well.

Here is my progress for today:

Seawell is doing swimmingly in his new ocean 😁.  I found this batik fabric when I picked up my kit at Purple Katz the other day and thought it made the perfect ocean background.  

Using batik fabrics has been a huge leap for me because up until recently I had not used batiks.  The reason largely being that I had not used them and when I pointed out a more experienced quilter than I that her points were really off on her blocks she informed me that batik fabrics stretch and if I knew more about quilting I would know that I have used batiks for the Wedding Ring Quilt and this collage quilt I am excited to use batiks!!! (and batik fabrics do not stretch......shhhhhh).

I am hoping to get some serious progress made on this quilt this week and then show you what I have planned for him.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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