Saturday, 3 March 2018

New Rings...

Good Evening Internet Friends.

The culmination of a week of sewing a few seams and cutting a few papers every evening after my son was in bed as resulted in:

Another 8 rings.  As of this evening I can proudly announce that 32 of the 49 rings are completed for my class next weekend.  😻

Earlier in the day my son and I headed out to Sewing with Class to pick up a quilt that had been long armed for me.  I also picked up some backing for my Anne of Green Gables Quilt.  Unfortunately the kit did not account for the binding in the kit, so after a lot of searching I was able to locate some and it is being shipped to me.  Hopefully it will be here later this week and then I can get this off the long arm quilter and have it done!  

It decided to snow here last night and tonight and that made for interesting drive....for once I actually drove the speed limit and yet there were cars passing me.  We did see a couple of those vehicles in the ditch a few minutes later.  

The snow had slowed by the time we returned home so my son and I cleared the sidewalks on both sides of our street.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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