Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas Vacation Day 1

Good Evening Internet Friends!!

Today officially in my world anyways starts Christmas vacation.  I have just finished 12 straight days of work and now time to play!

Today we departed for Canmore.  Loaded up the Christmas Toyota as my brother calls it because we somehow stuff a ton of stuff in it, seriously.

We stopped at Prairie Points Quilt Shop and The Peaceful Patch Quilt Shop and then continued on our way.  Had to pick up some extra quilting stuff for vacation ☺

Worked this evening on getting Step 5 of my Prairie Quilt Militia quilt done and was successful at that:
Did some knitting as well that hopefully I will be able to finish tomorrow!

My brother is headed home for the holidays, having left the northern British Columbia oil patch and although every year I tease him about being Santa in a semi, this year he really IS!!!  After Christmas he will be hauling back oil field "stuff" from the southern Saskatchewan oil patch so going home in the Peterbilt!  Santa's Got a Semi.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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