Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Christmas Vacation Day 11!

Today was another do nothing kind of day.  

We did go into Banff today for a bit and do some shopping.  I went to my favorite ski store; Abominable Sports and as usual there were a few things I picked up, new ski helmet, hiking socks with arch supports and a pair of lovely new mittens!

After dinner I worked on one of the applique quilt projects I brought with me.  My mystery quilt has me frustrated since there are errors in three steps as to the total number of pieces to make that have now at Step 9 been caught!  Seriously.... 

Here is how my applique pieces look now:
This is from my Plum Pudding block of the month from Woodland Quilting last year ☺

Now I just have to blanket stitch the pieces and put on the outer two borders and I will be done!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...



  1. Love that appliqué piece Kathy!!! Sorry for your frustration with the mystery quilt.....that is why I haven't done any past Plenty of Fish! I was feeling as though the instructions were made up as she went along....and the errors! Argh!

  2. Thank you for understanding Jane! I often feel like I am the only member of this "cult" that does not accept going back to fix mistakes as part of the process! I even paid for this membership and still the instructions seem to be made up "on the fly". It is so frustrating. The new version starts this morning and while everyone else is excited and she is still writing the instructions (supposed to be released today), tardy, all I can think is, should I make extra of every step?????

    1. I paid for the one after POF but never did it....problems there too. Yes, everyone seems excited and happy but when it happens over and over again it's just frustration I don't need! Lol. Good for you for persevering!