Thursday, 29 December 2016

One Day At a Time....

Good Late Evening Internet Friends!

Today was the first day since Christmas Vacation started that my son and I were up at a civilized hour.  We even went to bed on time last night.

The reason; we were making a road trip to my friend Julie's farm for the day and staying for dinner.  Julie lives on a farm about an hour away from us.  There are two quilt stores, a craft store, a bakery and a kitchen store that I stop by when travelling to her farm so we needed to leave in early enough time to get to these places as well.

I will show you some of these treasures in the next few days but alas, have not yet taken pictures.  

Julie lives on a mixed farm with the more of the emphasis being on cattle.  Of course this means butchering the cattle for meat.  I always pet the cattle when I'm out there which of course they (cattle included) look at me like I'm nuts.  I thankfully grew up with dairy cows so petting and hugging them is totally regular.   

The last butchering that they did they remembered that I have a giant dog.  So they saved four Maverick sized dog bones:

Maverick is so EXCITED!!!!  He has four cow legs to chew on and no other pet can take these away from him!!  ☺

Since I was still wide awake when we got home I decided to make Block 17 of my Scandi 3 quilt.  Still trying to see if I can get this done before I go back to work....

Now it's off to bed for a long sleep hopefully as I did not have a nap today....

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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