Saturday, 19 November 2011

Slider Card # 8

This is the last of my slider cards.  The first picture shows the dimensions at which I score the cards.  This is loosely based on a pattern template that I picked up about 5 years ago in Grand Junction Colorado at a craft store there.  The second picture shows what creates the slider (a ziplock bag because you can get a billion of these for a dollar at your local dollar store - you will have to cut about an inch off of the end and secure the pieces with sticky strip to create the tube).  When placing the tube to the cards remember that one portion of the tube is on the card front and the other is on the opposite cards back so that each card slides around the stump in the middle.  Dependent on your bags you may have to adjust the stump in the middle to create smooth sliding.  Fold the card up and decorate as you like.  Again, I used up last years paper!!  Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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