Friday, 11 December 2015

A Couple of Snow Angels

Good Evening Internet Friends.

I woke this morning to snow falling.  It fell until mid day when kiddo got from school.  

I feel privileged to live in a newer home in an old neighborhood because I have the best of both worlds.  A house that does not need a lot of maintenance (yet) and I have a huge yard, of course I also live on a corner lot which makes it bigger than the other yards.  When it snows I get to clean both the front and side sidewalks of my yard.  It is a lot of snow!!!  While kiddo has been small I have been very fortunate that one of my older neighbors realizes that I am home alone with kiddo frequently and he will take out his quadrunner with plow and clear the entire sidewalk for the neighborhood.  ☺

This evening my son and I decided that we could be the Snow Angels  for our block and as such we cleaned both sides of the street for our neighbors.  Unfortunately, several of them came out to thank us and make small talk which involved; hearing about their opinions about another neighbor [who coincidentally had opinion about them as well]; their latest trip to the ER; their new medication; and did I think that "this" should be assessed by a doctor?????  Apparently they all know my occupation.   Note to self, shovel the walk after senior's lights out (1930 hours???).   

My craft for today is a card that I made for my friend Sharon who quilted the cats on the quilt for my Grammy.  She did not want payment so instead I got her a Groupon to my Hairstylist and enclosed it in a card for her:

Hope she likes it.

Now to get ready for bed as tomorrow should be a Quilting Road Trip with Sharon through Central Alberta because we just "need" more fabric.  ROFL.......☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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