Saturday, 5 December 2015

Knitting Along...

Good Evening Internet Friends.

It has been a very long day and I think I will head off to bed soon.

Earlier this week my Grammy was fortunate enough to be placed in the long term care facility in her own home town, with residents she knows, and staff that are colleagues.  I am SO happy for her.

That means of course that she needs some clothing as she only came back home with the clothes that she was admitted to hospital with at the time of her stroke.  This morning my son and I were up and out the door bright and early to hit up the sales at Sears, 50% off clothing today.  All the old lady best brands were on sale so I stocked up for her on pants, sweaters, cardigans, layer shirts, nighties and blouses.  She will be the best dressed resident I think!

Then we headed off to The Bay  (my favorite store) but a lack of the old lady brand name clothes.  Part of the reason for being at the mall early was that I needed to go to the Clinique counter for moisturizer and the Clinique Gift Pack.  I LOVE this pack.  It is becoming a holiday tradition for me to pick one of these up, and to make the deal even better today I got 10% off my purchases!!!

A quick stop for a cookie at Cookies By George and we were off to skating!

My son is doing well with his skating and today it was hard to get a picture that was not blurry as he was really motoring along:

After dinner it was time to take puppy for a long walk in the river valley.

As for my crafting I rationalized that I did not have quite enough projects on the go tonight so I cast on another Fisherman's Wife Cowl.  I am using Poinsettia Thick & Quick that I picked up in Kalispell last spring.  I love this particular yarn because of the metallic threads that run through it, however, photographs of the project are hard to get because of the reflection from the metallic threads:

In just under two hours I am well over half way done.  I plan to gift this to my Secret Santa recipient at work! ☺

Now off to bed as tomorrow is another action packed day.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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