Saturday, 19 December 2015

Christmas Vacation Crafting

Good Evening Internet Friends!

My son and I and the Go Go Go Toyota arrived in Canmore just before midnight last night.  It was a long drive and the roads were not great until near Innisfail.  In Red Deer we stopped and picked up a Holiday Donut Pack which not only kept me going last night, but was breakfast this morning!  ☺

We slept late this morning, no alarm clock set as we are on vacation!  Here is the view I awoke to today:

This afternoon we decided we were hungry and should head in to town and get some groceries.  

We checked out the pond and hopefully it will be ready to skate with Santa later this week.  Stopped at The Sugar Pine Quilt Store of course.  

After dinner this evening I finished my Reverb Shawl.  This has been a feat to complete simply because a few weeks ago PUPPY found it.  Not only did he chew the cable in half but he also unraveled and chewed some of the yarn.  All stitches were put on the new cable, then accounted for, re-knit and threaded and now even bound off!!!!

I am thinking that I will gift this to my Grammy as she is always cold and a shawl like this should help keep her a little warmer ☺

After dinner we pulled the Christmas tree out of the box and assembled it.  I thought the decorations had been put into the box after it was dis-assembled last year, but apparently not.  So, as of right now we have Christmas Tree from a Box:

Now off to do some more knitting.  Plan right now is to try and get some of my knitting projects caught up on this vacation!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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  1. Oh are so close! If you ever decide to pop to High River for anything please let me know!!!!!
    Merry Christmas!!!!!!!