Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Another Knitting Finish....

Good Late Evening Internet Friends.

I always mean to be better prepared for Christmas every year.  Yet, this year thanks to all the stuff that has gone on in my world this fall, I am very far behind.  I am still trying to get a scarf knitted for my son's teacher and this should be done at latest tomorrow so that I have time to block it for wrapping on Friday.....might not make it.

As you know I attended a class last spring on Cowichan Knitting as part of Sylvia Olsen's Great Canadian Knitting Tour.  The original toque I knit I gave to hubby to wear under his hard hat the oil fields camp.  Then I made one for myself in a red.  My brother then saw this and wanted one of his own, so I got knitting again.  By mid summer I realized that these would make most awesome Christmas Gifts for almost everyone.  

As of this evening here is my latest Cowachin Toque freshly blocked and dried and ready to be wrapped up:

Now off to finish a few last touches on my Secret Santa Gift for tomorrow. ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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