Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Sew What????

Good Evening Internet Friends!

I have been so busy doing nothing really the last few days that somehow I have been too busy to craft.  Part of that is due to getting home late Monday evening (after driving through a snow storm and very icy roads in Southern Alberta) I decided that the house needed to be cleaned before I could un-pack.  Seriously!  Every bed, sofa, bookshelf dresser, buffet, you name it has been moved and dusted and EVERYTHING (seriously) is in it's place.....with the exception of my craft room.  That place is a disaster.  

Every time I open the door to go in, the mess overwhelms me, "sew" right now I am focusing on one project at a time to complete and forcing myself to not start another.....even though the December box of  Yarn Crush arrived today!  It's "sew" pretty....

As far as projects that I am trying to complete, here is an almost finished Block of the Month from about 5 years ago (seriously)...

This is Plum Pudding from probably my MOST favorite quilt shop; The Quilt Patch.  I love all of their quilts (many of them are staring at me in the craft room....waiting to be completed).  

In addition to avoiding the craft room because it stresses me out right now my son and I attended a Christmas party and Farewell party last evening.  This was a very formal affair and my son thought it great fun as he was the only child in attendance (no child care of course for me).  

Today we spent most of the afternoon running errands including renewing our membership at Telus World of Science.  We did a quick tour through since we were there but plan to go back tomorrow:
 Moon Landing always has to be done.

 Climbing the wall....literally.

Building a Marble racing ramp on the wall.  

So, today was just a quick run through, what fun can be had tomorrow???

Hope this inspires your own creativity...



  1. I have a kit for that quilt and I too love The Quilt Patch (and have several more kits to be completed!!). Glad you made it home safely!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Jane. My friend and neighbor Sharon and I are going to work on our Frivols here starting soon, but I also think that we might have to start some support group for these Quilt Patch ones as well ;)