Monday, 14 December 2015

Gift Bags

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Well this is the official start to the last week of preparations before Christmas vacation starts!!!

This weekend I road tripped with my friend Sharon to a couple of quilt shops.  We picked up way toooooo much stuff but had a lot of fun and made some good memories, so it was a win win situation.

Sunday was try to get ready for the week and some power knitting of which I am glad to say a scarf and toque are currently being blocked!!!

This evening I took a few minutes break from the remaining knitting project that MUST be done for Friday and started to make some fabric gift bags.

I had purchased some Batik Christmas prints on Black Friday and thought that they would be perfect for these bags:

Now off to knit a bit more before sleepy time.  I will had the draw string tomorrow and hopefully the gift will be ready for insertion as well!

Hope this inspires your won creativity...


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