Thursday, 28 January 2016

A Socky Kind of Day

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Today has been what I am going to call a Socky kind of day.  My whole day has somehow revolved around SOCKS!

First off, check out these:

These are my new pair of ACHI compression socks!  Now, you may wonder why I would have a pair of these.  Well, Fit Essentials stopped by work today and measured all of us.  Just about all the staff that I work with MD, NP, RN, LPN, NA, SW and even a few of clerical staff picked up at least a pair.  Only the RD decided not to get a pair.  I decided to get a pair as although I do not have leg swelling, I realized that with nearly 4 decades of Juvenile Diabetes I should probably start being proactive with regards to my legs.  I believe in applying moisturizer twice a day to prevent wrinkles, so why not prevent leg swelling, weeping and ulcers ☺

So, there are my brand new socks.  They are surprisingly quite comfortable, but of course I don't really have leg swelling.  Might be different if I did.

After dinner this evening since my son has no school tomorrow there was not the usual rush of homework and bedtime so I took some time to knit.  I did another 18 rows on the socks I showed yesterday, but more importantly I finished the "Cursed" Socks:

I refer to these socks as the "Cursed" socks because not too long after I cast these on last September THREE (yes, I am superstitious) bad things occurred in my world.  These socks have been the longest socks on my knitting needles EVER.  As of tonight though they are cast off.  I only have to weave in an end on the cast on edge and then I can put these away, or maybe get rid of them...not sure yet.  They are done though and I can only hope that this year does not throw curve balls at me like September 2015.  ☺

Now off to bed as there is lots of fun to be had tomorrow!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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