Sunday, 3 January 2016

And Done....Sort of...

Good Evening Internet Friends.

Today was spent marathon watching the Star Wars movies so that I can accompany kiddo and hubby to the movie later this week.  My husband is a huge Star Wars fan and although our son has been educated in all of this, somehow I have never understood it.  For the longest time I though it was Garth Vader!!!!  Seriously.

For Christmas hubby got us a Blu-ray because kiddo and I seriously took out Blu-ray movies from the library and could not figure out why no player in the house would run them !@#$% Seriously, we were that silly.  Along with the player he also got us the Star Wars Complete Saga so now I am watching my way through these.  

I did get the borders put on my Plum Pudding Quilt and ambulated it over to Sharon for quilting:

Now she will do her magic on this and then all I have to do is the binding and hopefully I can have it done for next Christmas ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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  1. LOVE that quilt, of which I have a kit!!!!!
    I was around when the original Star Wars came out and went to it in the theatre but do not think I have seen any of them other than the first.........did you enjoy them?