Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The Last Christmas Present...

Good Late Evening Internet Friends.

I had planned on getting to bed early this evening, however, remembered it is garbage day.   Getting the garbage out for me includes emptying and washing all trash/rubbish cans, vacuuming all floors and then washing them with the Swiffer so that I can throw out the cleaning pad (no sense in having a used cleaning pad sitting around), getting the recycling organized and finally washing the dog kennel and the dog blankets.

While the dog blankets were drying I finished threading loose ends into my son's teachers Christmas present:

Then I very carefully wrapped it in tissue paper and boxed it up and wrapped it.  But, it needed a tag.  Hmmmm, Christmas tags are all used up and at this hour of night even I am not digging out paper crafting supplies.  So, I used one of the trees from my Christmas card silhouettes and attached a bit of trim and twine and:
TAH DAH again!!!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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